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Cooking Classes / Yvan Cadiou - Tourist Office of Saint-Remy de Provence

Cooking Classes / Yvan Cadiou

3453 ancien chemin d’Arles 13690 Graveson

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06 63 48 75 75

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I create meals that I bring you or I design a meal at home.
I also welcome on site, in my cooking workshop, which is a place of meeting, creation and sharing.
The garden around the farmhouse is soothing, with the sounds of nature, the calm conducive to relaxation.
I created this place as a stage set, with a panoply of objects and utensils beautiful, useful, dressed in the brightest colors.
Wherever the gaze arises, there is a story to let the mind wander.
The workshop table is the essential element of sharing, to create a meal, to build a story of taste, textures and colors.
She is thought to strengthen bonds, talk cooking, then, when the meal is on the nose, the dishes are put to sit and discover the recipes that were developed together.
I like to say that this is not a cooking class, even though I share my experience because this moment of sharing and creation becomes a positive therapy!
The cuisine is a form of expression, just be guided to make everyone feel creative to develop the kitchen of the day, the one that resembles them.
Provence is the ideal region for a kitchen that gives happiness!
Creating a meal means exchanging ideas, feeding the mind and the stomach!
We spend 4 to 5 hours together, halfway through a pose in the garden with fresh rosé, in the shade of plane trees, then we finalize the preparations for the four stages of the meal, while enjoying a very good wine from the region.
Each workshop is unique, thought to entertain!
From 2 to 18 people, from 10h to 15h or 16h30 to 20h30 ....
Chef in 14 countries, I animated more than 300 programs in France, Great Britain and China, to discover the world, from Nantes to Provence in 100000 km!
I love writing cookbooks to glorify contemporary popular cuisine.