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Discovery Guide - Tourist Office of Saint-Remy de Provence

Discover culture and heritage


Glanum for kids!
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Visits and workshops for children: discovery and fun !

Visit the Archaeological Site of Glanum
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A city rediscovered after centuries!


Discovering the oldest road in France

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The Domitian road is the oldest road in France, built from 120 BC from old Gallic routes remains. Beyond the Spanish border, this road is called Via Augusta.Interprovincial highway, constructed and maintained thank to expense of the Roman state, the Domitian road was a busy road frequented by the armies, civil servants, merchants, travelers, pilgrims throughout the Empire and remained so even during the Middle Ages

Saint Rémy de Provence Tourist Map
Discovering the old centre

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City and Region Maps


Alpilles' Map
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To Enjoy fully your stay in Saint Remy de Provence, travel along the Regional Natural Park of the Alpilles's roads, the program: Fields of olive trees, old vineyards , typical villages, craftsmanship and succulent local specialties



Region Map

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