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Farmers house - Tourist Office of Saint-Remy de Provence

Le Mas des Agriculteurs (C.O.P.P.A.S)


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Who are we ?

Existing since 1998 the C.O.P.P.A.S. (Organizing Committee and Promotion for Saint Rémy Agricultural Products), better known under the name of Mas des Agriculteurs is the oldest peasant shops Bouches du Rhone.

It brings together more than 40 producers of fruits and vegetables and processed products such as honey, goat cheese, olive oil and its derivatives, jams, eggs ...

In associative form, it is not intended to make profits but to make known and pay the right price local producers.

It was with the help and in the Agricultural High School of Saint Remy de Provence that COPPAS has developed, and moved to Avenue Maréchal Koenig at the beginning of the bike path.

Our offer being 90% local products, to better inform you we indicate the name of the producer of Saint Rémy on the label.

Our farmers, more and more, start to produce organic, so we offer each year a little more of these organic and local products.

Our agriculture represents an important part in the economy of our territory and our Alpilles, so we invite you to support it by consuming these products without moderation.

Mas n°18 + 329 avenue du Général Kœnig
GPS : lat. : 43.7940 / long. : 04.8171

After OZEO store, at the beginning of the bike path.
Large free parking

Tel: +33 (0)6 74 13 19 50

Open all year:
Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 12:30am
Friday from 2:30pm to 5:30 in addition to the morning.

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