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Famous Personalities - Tourist Office of Saint-Remy de Provence

NOSTRADAMUS (1503-1566)

nostradamusMichel de Nostradamus was born in Saint-Remy de Provence December 14, 1503. He grew up in an environment of science and humanism. 
After a studious youth spent in Saint-Rémy, he continued his studies in Avignon, then the medical school of Montpellier, where he was nicknamed "Nostradamus" (Latin: "we give what is our").
This great doctor of the Renaissance, scholar, humanist, interested in geographical and scientific discoveries is passionate about the study of Greek philosophers, Latin, Aramaic and Egyptian.
After struggling against the plague in Marseilles and Aix, meeting Erasmus and Scaliger and been interested in many scientific theories, he became counselor and astrologer of Catherine de Medici.
He settled in 1547 and started a family in the town of Salon de Provence where he lived until his death. 
He is best known for the predictions he made in his lifetime, and for his "Centuries", considered as mysterious prophecies that always excite the curiosity of many of our contemporaries.
There is almost nothing left of his birthplace. Originally surmounted by a tower, if not a mullioned window.
A bust of Nostradamus made in 1859 by sculptor Antoine Liotard Lambescorne decorates a fountain (fountain Nostradamus) rue Carnot in the old center of Saint-Remy


CHARLES GOUNOD (1818-1893)

gounodGreat musician and author of numerous operas and religious music, Charles Gounod discovers the poem "Mirèio" Frederic Mistral, after then he decided to write an opera.
He settled in March 1863 at the Hôtel Ville Verte (currently hotel Gounod) in Saint-Rémy to plunge into his creation's atmosphere. 
He will keep an unforgettable memory of his two-month stay, his encounters and landscapes of the Alpilles' mountains.

The music of the opera "Mireille" was interpreted in preview in Saint-Rémy in the hotel Almeran (5 rue Carnot) at the time head of an orpheon.


vangoghVincent van Gogh is probably one of the best known artists who have stayed in Saint Remy de Provence.
He first came on May 8th, 1889 to Saint Remy de Provence from Arles to be "interned" at his request, the Asylum of Saint Paul Mausole. 
Fascinated by the quality of light and fiery beauty of the landscapes that he discovered in Saint Remy, very inspired, happy and relieved to finally find a serene and understanding ambiance among religious and staff who welcome him, 

He realized nearly 150 paintings and many drawings within one year.

This Saint Rémy's period is considered as a major one in the work of Vincent van Gogh. 
He left Saint Rémy on May 16th, 1890 to go to Auvers sur Oise, where he passed away two months later on July 29th, 1890.