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Find the skills of our artisans and our fashion designers from Saint Remy de Provence: clothing, fashion accessories, hand-made furniture, from design to creation they will show you their exclusive universe, punctuated exhibitions, artists, parades and other events.

Anne Catherine Créations

3 Boulevard Gambetta 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence (look at the map)

Tel: Tel: +33 (0)6 79 54 94 96 

anne-catherine-creation-textile-vetements saint-remy-de-provence anne-catherine-creation-textile-vetements saint-remy-de-provence anne-catherine-creation-textile-vetements saint-remy-de-provence

Originally from the Bassin Parisien, she bathes from her earliest childhood in an artistic environment made of exchanges, teaching, freedom and fantasy.

In Saint Rémy de Provence she initially made tapestries and clothes on her loom ARM.

Then offers exclusive couture creations: jackets, skirts, shirts, bustiers and accessories, daring necklines and vibrant colors, made of the finest materials that are safe bets.

Heir of ancestral techniques, she draws and realizes each piece by hand with sobriety, a timeless style.


At the same time, her imagination sublimates the raw material into purified figures and silhouettes, inspired by her long walks in the Alpilles where she loves to recharge and in masks that envelop the faces of mystery.
Invitation to wander on the paths of reverie ...

 It was in his new confidential space, located on shaded walls of plane trees, 3 Boulevard Gambetta that coexist with its elegance fashion designs and carved very strange bestiary.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 13h - 15h to 20h


Espace Boutique Ascension


3 rue Michelet, 13210 Saint-Rémy de Provence
Mail : garciascension@gmail.com
Tel. +33 (0)6 17 69 85 81


Page Facebook - Espace Boutique Ascension



Espace Boutique Ascension Espace Boutique Ascension


Creation of accessories clothing, sales depot, costume designer, refreshment bar, studio


The Ascension Boutique space combines sewing, fashion textiles, accessories, depot-sales, furniture, welcoming you in a friendly atmosphere with a refreshment bar.



Espace Boutique Ascension Espace Boutique Ascension Espace Boutique Ascension


The studio



Welcome Ascension !



16 rue du 8 mai 1945 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence (look at the map)
Tel: +33 (0)4 90 94 89 50


arlatine-creation-vetement-accessoire-saint-remy-de-provence arlatine-creation-vetement-accessoire-saint-remy-de-provence arlatine-creation-vetement-accessoire-saint-remy-de-provence


Workshop / shop, Textile art, objects of interior decoration in felt with possibility of realizations on orders:
- floor cushions in the shape of pebbles, panel textiles wall, plaids, baskets, vases, flowers etc ......
   All the pieces are made on the spot, from carded wool felted by hand by foulonnage according to ancestral techniques.
   Catherine Bertrand invites you to visit the workshop and discover the fascinating process of wool felting.

Open every day except Sunday, from 10am to 7pm.

arlatine-creation-vetement-accessoire-saint-remy-de-provence arlatine-creation-vetement-accessoire-saint-remy-de-provence    


50 rue Lafayette - Saint Rémy de Provence (Look at the map)
Tél. 04 90 90 24 51
Open everyday from 10am to 7pm
email: handcocreateurs@outlook.fr



In spring 2015, sixteen creators of the region and elsewhere have come to put their suitcases Hand Co, a cheerful and colorful room in the historic center of St Remy de Provence.


You will definitely be pleased to meet artisans that take place in turns, and created for you original pieces, unique or small series, harmoniously distributed in four rooms of the shop.

From clothing to decoration, to ceramics, cardboard or silk painting, you will inevitably find objects that speak to you!

Feel free to visit us regularly, spaces are constantly renewed and replenished.

La Boutique de Jeanne


24 C Avenue Albin Gilles ZA de la gare, 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence (look at the map)
Tel: +33 (0)4 90 94 87 78

creation-hats-bags-shop-jeanne-bayol-saint-remy-de-provence creation-handmade-chairs-store-jeanne-bayol handmade-bags-and-accessories-store-jeanne-bayol

It is now in its boutique in Saint Remy de Provence that Jeanne Bayol cultivates its bohemian soul and heart traveler.

In fact, the designer and stylist decided to settle down and open to all to share her tastes and passions. For 2 years, she has a shop, or rather loft in Saint Remy de Provence.

la-boutique-de-jeanne-styliste-interieur-saint-remy-de-provenceShe presents her collection of clothes, unique pieces and small series demonstrates the willingness to dress up and assert themselves in a world without borders and a line of accessories unusual objects, jewelery, paintings, sculptures , photos, old textiles ...

Her workshop brings together creations of contemporary artists and objects collected over travel. In Love with Gypsy culture, she calls this place The

Verdines, the names of those wooden caravans, symbol of escape and freedom.

With her partner and collaborator Jean-Marie, converting 20 years these caravans of other times, the invitation dreams come cottages or guest houses.

From this passion for bohemian world the shop invites you to share around an original proposal that can not be found anywhere else in the region, eclectic mix that helps create a world apart whole, living place, which occasionally hosts exhibitions, parades and other events ... 


La Caravane des Créateurs 

Collective of designers, craftsmen and local artists.  

4 rue Carnot, 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence 
(Look at the map)
Tel: 09 83 32 94 20


With over 7 years of experience, the Caravan Creators has forged an original identity in order to present disparate items, out of the imagination of its creators 13 and its many guest artists. 

In its new space of the street Carnot, where the creators themselves receive you, we stroll through 4 rooms, in universes as different as fashion (clothing, accessories, jewelry, hats, glasses), furniture (Revamping of furniture unpublished and staggered) and luminaries (diversion of objects in lamp). It also offers a more "plastic" pane, with the presence of sculptors (iron, ceramics, paper mache).


Throughout the year, the Caravan is pleased to introduce you to 8 invited artists (for periods of two or three months) who evolve from the fields of painting, photography and sculpture.
All these original items, created in the region, are unique pieces or come from small series.

Public reception by the creators is one of the strengths of this group who knows pooling creative energies and expertise, while letting each flourish personality.

All practical information, events and exhibitions are relayed on the Facebook page of La Caravane des Créateurs

Since 3 years, the collective has a small sister in Isle sur la Sorgue, La Manufacture, which presents about twenty local artists and designers, with a similar functioning.



Sophie Douence
Creative bags, clothing

Adresse : 6 boulevard Mirabeau (look at the map)
13210 St Rémy de Provence
Tel: 06 86 26 37 12

Each of Sophie's bags is a unique model, cut in textiles, brocades and old canvas, dressed in festoon, lace, braid and other ..