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affRouteArtistes2010V_strochTHE ROUTE DES ARTISTES (May 12th, June 16th, August 4th, September 8th, October 6th 2013)
Five times a year, artists set out their stalls for a day along the avenue known as the cours, to present their work to the public. Saint-Rémy’s Route des Artistes has become a real tradition for both artists and art-lovers, one that demonstrates its quality and dynamism by developing and adapting to keep pace with the times. The quality of the artists chosen to exhibit their work is guaranteed through rigorous selection of the works and artists, and the accompanying cultural events.










FESTIVAL A-PART 2013 (July )
Learn more about the Festival A-PART 2013
A key event of contemporary art, free at all locations, which promotes diversity of disciplines, and emphasizes exchanges between artists and audience. Permanent and ephemeral workshops workshops.Access the full program of Festival APART



jazz-in-saint-remy-de-provence-2013SAINT-REMY JAZZ FESTIVAL (From September 12th to 14th 2013)
This festival at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence looks at the trends, personalities and eras in Jazz that marked the 20th Century, and revisits, restores and repositions them at the start of the 21st - not to produce weak imitations, but to translate their spirit, colour and swing, giving centre stage to French musicians who share an appreciation of this dimension, while remaining open to the music of the world.


organaORGANA FESTIVAL (From July 20th to 15th 2013)

The organ of the church of Saint-Martin at Saint-Rémy, restored by the organ builder Pascal Quoirin in 1983, is regarded as a contemporary masterpiece. International concert organist Jean-Pierre Lecaudey, winner of the Grandes Orgues, makes it the centerpiece of the annual Organa Festival, which runs from July to September and brings together the best organists from around the world. http://organa2000.free.fr/index.php