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ALKINOOS GARDEN by Philippe Michelot - Tourist Office of Saint-Remy de Provence

ALKINOOS GARDEN by Philippe Michelot

(Parks and Gardens)

Mas des figues, Vieux chemin d'Arles 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence

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04 32 60 00 98
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ALKINOOS GARDEN by Philippe Michelot



ALKINOOS GARDEN by Philippe Michelot

Where the Life’s knots become bow ties and next become butterflies…

« Hope is a waking dream” Aristote


From the umbilical cord, the first link between the fetus and the placenta...

The placenta forms from the same cells as the embryo.

The cord is the link... the baby thrives.

After birth, the link is cut.

If not...then death.

The same link: life or death.

Freedom or hostage, free or prisoner.

Later, another link--the link with the mother, father, brothers and sisters--is cut.

And so on and so on.


The Link and The Knots and the Rope

Sometimes, we have bad knots in our lives.

The knots from the past.

The knots from a psychological trauma.

At times, the life’s rope is smooth and easy to follow, but often there are knots in the rope that need to be untangled.  Some of the knots require little effort to work through, while others are so large that it is impossible to see where the rope will lead next… Untangling the life knots does not remove bad rope. Cut it out and tie a link to a new rope They are so heavy, to carry on our backs, in our backpack.

Or we pull them behind us, like the convict's chains.

You can lose yourself into your psychological maze.

Be careful if you leave bread crumbs on the path, you'll find the entrance again with the knots not the way out of your maze.

As at the supermarket, you can fill your shopping cart with your life knots and then push them, the life knots of your past, all your life before you.

But please

Try to open your backpack

Let your ghosts come out of the closets

Try to look at them

Cut the link with these knots

Forget it.

But how?

By telling it and the story to the poet Demodocos, using art therapy.

Do something better with these bad life knots, using weaving and braids.

Come into my garden

Leave your life knots in the parking.

Leave your shopping cart in the parking Free your mind of your bad ideas.

Accepts you in your mediocrity, you're not a god, you're just a human, with beautiful things and bad open your heart open your mind open your soul And pass by the door of the four big heads... the number 4 being a symbol letter in the Kabbalah for the symbol of the door.

Pass over the dragon which protects the garden against the bad mind.

And follow the trail.

This is the garden of the goddess Calypso, who compelled Ulysses to remain as her lover for 7 or 10 years.

The garden of goddess Ishtar, Sky Goddess of Sex, Fertility, Love and War...her symbol is an eight-pointed star.

Then rest a few minutes in the teepee Before facing the trail of the “forties”.

Meet Noah and the flood: 40 days and 40 weeks for pregnancy and rebirth Follow the Damascus trail Visit the 20 olive trees.

Then the 7 crystal balls for the Seven Laws of Noah, which gives freedom and assurance of a place in the world to come... the final reward of the righteous.

Enjoy the peace between the Gods and humans in the garden of white roses.

Then look at the big tree of butterfly, a new sculpture.

The tree of freedom...the spring tree..

The tree of rebirth.

The Jacob’s ladder….where butterflies join larks to knit together in a new link, that is love…………..

Jacob’s ladder is a lift from Earth to the heavens, from weight to lightness

Cross the Rainbow to the Noah's Ark rose garden, a symbol of both judgment and of salvation. Celebrate the peace that is coming back And After a rest, cool and relaxed by the side of the pool in the Babylonian Garden, with a glass of rosé wine and some olives…..and have a good lunch


Here, it is the Metamorphosis of the knots become bow ties, then become butterflies who rise in the sky to meet the larks for a new romantic love adventure…


I love this dream, this hope !

« Hope is a waking dream” Aristotle


Cut the bad links and rebuild a new link with good knots.

It is magic

It is my garden

When The knots become butterfly bow ties and then become butterfly……..