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Bureau des Guides Naturalistes (guided tours) - Tourist Office of Saint-Remy de Provence

Bureau des Guides Naturalistes (guided tours)

(On foot)

maison des associations Avenue de la libération 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence

Phone :

06 20 70 09 61
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Saint Rémy de Provence has a very exceptional cultural heritage, but how many know its rich natural heritage? A great diversity of landscapes and environments: from green meadows and Mediterranean forests to the limestone cliffs of the Alpilles through the arid scrubland.

These places are home to the Bonelli Eagle and many Great Duke Owls to name only the most prestigious birds. The Roman quarries, meanwhile, home to large but fragile concentrations of bats. Tours accompanied by specialists to discover all these assets.



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Guided tours can be conducted on the entire Golden Triangle: Camargue, Crau, Alpilles.
From a discovery of the fauna and flora, the guide will be able to present you the stakes related to the management of this territory of exception and to mention in particular its history (evolution of agriculture, protection of the nature ... ) and the formation of its landscapes (role of natural and human factors) ...
Examples of themes:
• the song of the birds (Starhorn, Long-eared Owl, marsh warbler ...),
• observation of the thousands of Cranes wintering in the Camargue,
• discovery of the world of dragonflies,
• exploration of the scrubland, dune environments ...
Rates for a guide:
Half a day: 200 €
One day: 300 €
A guide accompanies 20 people maximum.
Rates are indicative and change depending on your project (duration, size of the group ...).



The botanical trail is dotted with markers representing the wild plants of the Alpilles.
Park at the Antiques car park (paying at certain times) or in front of St Paul de Mausole. Along the right, the wall of the monastery ("chemin des Carrières"). Take the first path on the right which leads to the valley of St Clerg. The first post is at the beginning of the path. To the top of the valley, the circuit will be marked by the terminals.




The territory of the Alpilles Regional Nature Park is as exceptional as it is fragile. Its natural heritage, its natural heritage deserve to be known and preserved. To allow as many people as possible to discover the territory, to understand the issues of preservation, the Alpilles Park and its partners organize a program of outings and events for discovery and awareness on many themes.




Download the brochure "Rendez-vous Nature Parks Alpilles Camargue"