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Les Animaux et Marino - Tourist Office of Saint-Remy de Provence

Les Animaux et Marino

(Farm / Animal Park)

2641 Chemin des Costières 13670 SAINT-ANDIOL

Phone :

06 14 37 11 81
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Les animaux et Marino


*The Private Tour

A privileged moment of discovery, during a tour by Marie-Noëlle Baroni, lynx, deer, wild boar etc. and their living spaces to better understand biodiversity.

* "Movie Stars" Animal Cares


Head to the "One-Day Healer Workshop" to participate in animal care.

It is an intimate and privileged moment to approach and discover the generosity and the intimacy of the "Stars of cinema" animals with whom Marie-Noëlle shares her life.

She is your accompanist / trainer for this journey of discovery charged with emotion and feelings forgotten.

Workshop / Mini-Training: All Public, unaccompanied child from 8 years
Present Animals: Farm Animals and European Fauna

Handicap accessibility

2641 Chemin des Costières 13670 SAINT-ANDIOL

E-mail: baronimn@gmail.com
Tel: +33 (0)